How to Promote Your Website or Blog

As we know, promoting your website or blog has gotten more of a challenge. With Google and Bing always tweaking their search algorithms and what they consider to be factors in ranking your website or blog highly in their results changes weekly, if not daily. Finding a useful and simple to use tool to ensure your website or blog receives the search engine ranking you want has been a task in itself, until now.

I am excited to announce the launch of Promoting Your Blog. On Promoting Your Blog, you will find an easy to use form that allows you to find other blogs or website to submit your website too, place comments on that are related to what your website or blog topic is. Say for example you have a blog Chevy cars. Simple go to Promoting Your Blog, enter a keyword like “Chevy Monte Carlo”, pick what search query you would like to filter with (an explanation of each of these can be found under the search box), select which search engine you want to use and the results you want are returned.

Promoting Your Blog also allows you to filter out certain domain extension. Google and Bing both give more authority to .GOV and .EDU websites, so having links on websites with those extension provide more link juice for your website over say a .NET or .INFO.

Comment below if you find this tool useful or if there are any additional search queries you have used in promoting your blog or website. Good luck on promoting your blog and website!

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