The Great Prayer Project Website

A few months ago a friend approached me with an idea. His idea was to develop a website which allowed anyone the ability to sign up and join in praying for an end to abortion. A pro-life prayer website was something he felt very passionate about creating. I agreed to develop this website and help him to market it. I am proud to announce that the website went live on January 1st of this year and the prayer start date is scheduled to begin March 25, 2010. This website is something I am proud to be a part of. I also feel strongly about the pro-life movement.

If you would like to view the website or sign up for a 20 minute time slot to part of a continuous prayer, please visit The Great Prayer Project – End Abortion website at

About Joe

Hi. I am a web designer and front end developer located in Muskegon Mi. I specialize in helping small and medium size businesses succeed online.
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