Help voters in your state find the right candidates to vote for in a primary or general election.

ProFinder – The Easiest Way to Find a Pro-life Candidate

As more and more voters turn to the internet to find information regarding whom to vote for in a primary or general election, Pro-Life organizations need to make sure these voters know which candidates are inline with their values. This is where ProFinder comes into play. A ProFinder website allows for a voter to simply enter their zip code, hit submit and PRESTO, a list of approved Pro-Life candidates for their distracts are returned. That quick, that simple.

Will This Work in Our State?

Yes! The ProFinder is scalable to work with how ever your state’s voting districts are set up. The navigation and look of the site can be customized to match your current website or have it’s own unique look and feel to it.

How Much Will This Cost Us?

The starting price for a ProFinder website is only $700. The price includes fully setting up the website, from design to data entering and testing. The website layout will scale to create a mobile version of the site. Website hosting and domain name registration services available upon request for an additional fee.

What Information Is Needed to Make This Work?

In order to ensure the website works properly, you will need to provide in a CSV file information related to zip code and voting distract need to be submitted. Samples of information needed to populate the database will be provide to make it easier for you.

Check Out How It All Works!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out for yourself how easy finding a candidate using a ProFinder website is. Visit My Election Central and enter zip code 53227-1221 (zip code also on website as example). You will be amazed how simple, quick and efficient a ProFinder website can be for your Pro-life organization.

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