Business Website Planning List

In today’s market it is more important then every to have a website for your business. A website allows you to reach new clients, announce new products and enhance your customer support.

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with many small to medium size businesses in helping them succeed on the Internet. When first meeting with clients it seems that time and time again I get asked which should a business include on a website. To better help my clients with this question, I have come up with the following business website planning list. You may also download a PDF version of the Business Website Planning List here.

Business Website Planning List

  •  What is the primary goal for your website?
  • What other goals do you have for your website?
  • How do you want people to find your site: by search engines, providing your website address, online advertising (PPC) and/or offline advertising?
  • Will you need a mobile version of your website?
  • Who are your target customers for your website?
  • What are your target customers looking for from your website?
  • What can I included on your website to make it stand out to your visitors/customers?
  • Have you seen any sites you liked? Any you would like your site modeled after?
  • What do you like/dislike about those sites?
  • What colors should be used on your site?
  • Do you want any graphics or pictures on your site? If so, do you have them available and rights to use them? If not, what type of images would you liked to have used?
  • Do you have a logo? If so, do you have a digital copy of it?
  • Do you have a company slogan?
  • Do you have brochures, flyers, and/or other documentations about your company, services, and/or products?
  • What categories would you like your navigation menu to include?
    Some examples:

    • Home
    • FAQs
    • Forms
    • Resources
    • About Me/Company
    • Product Information
    • Contact Me/Company
    • Services
  • What search engines do you think your customers will be using to find your site? What other websites may potential customers use to find you?
  • Do you know of any sites that are in your field of work that will link to your site?
  • Have you obtained a domain name? (I do provide domain name registration services)
  • Do you know where you will be hosting your website? (I do offer website hosting packages)
  • How often do you think your site will need to be updated? What will need to be updated?
  • What is the time frame for the completion of your website?

I do hope you find this planning list helpful. If you do have any questions about web design or are in need of a website, please feel free to contact me for a free no-obligation quote.

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Hi. I am a web designer and front end developer located in Muskegon Mi. I specialize in helping small and medium size businesses succeed online.
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